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I am an art history graduate currently living in Germany. This blog is a place for me to keep the things I like, the things I know about, and the things I'd like to know more about. It is a teaching platform for myself, and perhaps you will discover something too.

My research deals with technological failure as artistic tactic, human-machine interaction, virtuality/potentiality, difficulties of digital authenticity, and image/data clutter.

All content is not owned by me unless otherwise stated. All posts I make will be credited, and reblogs will be credited where none is already present, whenever possible. I am happy to remove any content upon request with good reason, i.e. you are the original artist.

There is no /tagged/me, but I post pictures of myself occasionally. Please keep in mind this is a personal blog and I will be posting more than just art. If you are not prepared to see non-art posts from me on your dashboard, please do not follow me.

I also run this blog, dedicated to the ridiculous things I find here on tumblr dot com.

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